Thinking of working with an Interior Designer?

But not sure what to expect? Let us help you

If you’ve never worked with an interior designer, it can seem daunting. If you’ve only seen designers and clients interact on TV, you could be a little confused when you’re not greeted by a whole team and a whirlwind at your own home!

You may not know what the client-designer relationship should look like? How do you balance moodboards and reality? Makeover madness with real life timelines?

Here at keekï, we’re here to help make it less daunting and more exciting. Read our guide to making the most of your interior design experience.

Style Exploration: 

In your initial meetings, work with your designer to articulate your needs, goals, aspirations, priorities and expected timelines.

Start with showing your designer what you like – if you have a Pinterest board, or images saved on your phone this is a great start, but if you don’t, don’t worry! Your designer can show you images to see how you might respond, then you can both discuss the images and your designer can narrow down what it is you do like. These selections are key to creating a space that fits your personality and feels like your home in the end.

It’s great to know what you want, but it isn’t very helpful if you don’t tell anyone. Don’t be afraid to outline your needs and your limitations. Be upfront and honest about your budget and expectations. Your designer is there to help you make smart decisions with your space and to spend your money wisely. With a clear idea of your priorities, your designer (and you) can optimize where to spend and where to save. They can guide you to furniture and decor items that have the most impact or make the most sense to splurge on and away from those that are beyond your budget.

Home Visit: 

Your designer will schedule a mutual time with you to go out and take measurements on location. They will come to your home, measure the space, discuss your needs for each room and get to know you.

Be prepared to invest a little bit of your own time and to decide just how involved you want to be. At minimum even the busiest (and most hands-off) of clients need to be available to provide feedback and approval for key milestones and decision points so work can progress.

In-Store Presentation: 

This presentation gives the designer an opportunity to display their work to you. You will be presented with a design moodboard, fabrics, colours etc. for each room that is to be decorated.

Be Open To New Ideas:

Your designer is a professional, who is on the job as your partner to help you imagine solutions to design challenges and create design environments you could not come up with yourself. Prepare to challenge yourself to see your space with new eyes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should agree to everything your designer has presented. It’s important to let your designer know upfront if something isn’t to your taste.

Your designer’s aim is to create a space that you will absolutely love and that will function well for you. If you don’t love something, then they want to hear about it and understand why, so they can move on to sourcing a better option for you quickly and efficiently.

After the presentation, your designer will discuss what you did or didn’t like. They will take your favorite parts of the presentation and use that input to make any necessary adjustments to the plan. There are so many factors that go into a final design, it’s often as easy as swapping out colors or fabrics. Your designer will take every length to make sure that they are getting the information they need from you in order to provide you with the best possible result.

Have Fun (And A Lot Of Trust):

At the end of the day, our goal is to create a space that you are happy with and we want to make the process as enjoyable as possible. Sure, there might be some hiccups along the way, but your designer will be there to smooth everything out for you and communicate with you from the start to the very end. Trust your designer along the way and allow yourself to have fun in the process.

Renovations, new builds, decorating and design, can feel like intimidating decisions, especially if this is your first time making significant investments into them. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Allow yourself to trust the design you and your designer have created from the get-go, as the end goal lies ahead — your space, even better imagined.

Ready to start the process? Let us set you up with the perfect designer.

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