Styling A Dining Table

Many great memories are made around the dining room table. And they’re made even better if your dining room design is inviting, comfortable, and functional.

Accessories are a low commitment way to finish off any room and put your unique stamp on it.  It’s a great time to experiment, have fun, and show your personality. And the accessories will give your room a finished feel.

Here are some tips to assist you in helping the room feel pulled together:


Collection of Urns or Vases

These makes a gorgeous centerpiece, especially when stacked on top of books, in a tray or acrylic risers. Or adding a trio of ceramic vessels in different shapes or sizes is a beautiful and simple way of styling your dining table. Add a pop of greenery in one for added interest.


Floral or Greenery

While we love the idea of always having a fresh flower arrangement on your dining table, that’s not a very realistic goal. A vase, or two, or three, filled with beautiful faux blooms or green leafy branches will bring colour and life to your dining space.


Dining Vignette

For those a little more confident with styling or wanting to challenge themselves, why not create a stylish dining vignette like this using some books, vases and candles. Or even a cutting board or tray as a base and then find items that relate to the dining space such as trivets, coasters or salt and pepper grinders to create a stylish arrangement.