Seasonal Update – Hello Spring!

The ‘Romance’ of Spring

As the air gets warmer, the trees that were once bare start to sprout new growth, flowers start to bloom, and we are filled with that heady smell of spring. With new growth comes a sense of hope and better days ahead, something we all long for at the moment.

Lighter layering

Just as we shed the layers keeping us warm during winter, incorporate this principal into your home too. Pull back the heavy curtains and blinds and let the Spring sunshine and air in, to purify your home. Swap out the chunkier knitted throws and rich velvet cushions for cotton and lighter linen options. The same applies for bed linen – it’s nice to liberate the woollen blankets and heavy coverlets, and swap in linen or cotton covers for optimum comfort, as the mercury slowly begins to rise.

Spring 2020 Colours

Mother nature is the best inspiration for colour in Spring. The garden starts to come alive again outside so Spring is the perfect time to invite this fresh palette into your home. Here are our Spring 2020 colour recommendations.

Colours of the ‘Earth’

Carry through winter colour trends of Camel and Terracotta as they also represent nature, but pair it with white linen and cotton. Blended with natural materials like wood and rattan against fresh white walls and green foliage is a match made in ‘Spring Heaven’.


Sage, Olive and Forest Green

Nothing says Spring more than beautiful organic green. Sage, Olive and Forest green bring a restorative harmony to any room and enhance your mood. You may choose to vary shades of green in your soft furnishings and décor, which we suggest pairing with neutral earthy tones. The easiest way to invite the outside into your home is by introducing indoor plants. Not only do they add colour and liveliness to your space they help to rid the air of common toxins and indoor pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier.


Bright and Bold ‘Blue’

Vivid blue is the 2020 Pantone colour of the year and continues to be a classic for your spaces. In Spring the sky changes from grey to blue, bringing with it a sense of healing. Incorporate pops of Sapphire and Ocean Blue into your home to feel relaxed and calm. A new piece of Artwork is an instant way to lift both living rooms and bedrooms. Photographic artworks of the coast are a current trend, or you may prefer abstract art in shades of blue to enhance your space. Then, select décor and soft furnishings to complement the art. Less is more in this instance, do not overpower the space by trying to match too many decorative blue items to the art. It’s important to allow the art to be the statement.


Blush and Coral ‘Pink’

Pastel, Blush and Coral Pinks continue to be a popular choice for decorating all year round. With the allure of flowers blossoming outside, pink becomes one of the symbols of Spring. Whether you prefer the subtleness of blush or prefer the vibrancy of coral, pink is sure to add a dash of happiness and energy to wherever you put it.

Invigorate your senses with a fresh bouquet of flowers in varying shades of pink or perhaps consider a wallpaper for a lacklustre space. For a little design flair, when introducing pink into soft furnishings or décor remember to vary the shades and textures, avoid matching to create more interest, Pink pairs beautifully with white and camel or taupe.

Let there be ‘Natural Light’

Notice where the warming Spring light starts to shine through in your home and take advantage of it. Throw open the curtains, create a little space for self-love and take in the magic of Spring.

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