Property Styling


keekï property styling provides styling services designed to transform your home or investment property into a modern, stylish and sale-able property. Gone are the days of selling your home or investment property with empty rooms or just ‘lived-in’. Buyers are super savvy these days, so it goes without saying that if the property is beautifully presented this creates buyer appeal and connects with them as they visualize themselves living in the property.


keekï property styling prides itself on delivering a complete solution to help you present your home to attract more buyers and sell at a higher price. Our initial consultation is an in-home visit where we will walk through and assess the property with you and provide you with professional recommendations on what needs to be addressed to accentuate your home and maximize its selling potential. By presenting your interior space to the market through the eyes of the keekï property styling aesthetic, we can consolidate and affirm the sense of value that potential purchasers perceive as they experience it.


At keekï property styling we own all our display furniture; decorative accents, lighting, bed linen, soft furnishings, floor rugs, etc – so we don’t borrow or have “on consignment/loan” from local furniture stores, furniture hire companies, or any third parties, as then more unnecessary costs are added to your display proposal, costing you more money. Our innovative and fresh contemporary styling immediately connects with the buying public and grabs their attention as soon as they enter the property. They are transported to a beautifully presented and styled property, which portrays a dream lifestyle they all want to aspire to.

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