Present Your Home For Sale

Selling your home but where to start?

We know that putting your property on the market can be a very stressful time. With so much going on, it may be overwhelming to think about the physical changes your home needs. However, when selling a home, a few minor touch-ups can make a huge difference and go a long way towards making a favourable impression on potential buyers. Let us tell you the few small things you can do to achieve an amazing result.


Boosting Your Curb Appeal 

While you may focus on perfecting the look of your properties’ interior, the first thing buyers see will be its exterior. A good first impression is essential when selling your property as many potential buyers are likely to be put off by a poorly maintained front garden.  

Quick Tips: 

  • Mow the grass, trim the hedges 
  • Add fresh mulch to the garden beds 
  • Trim any overgrow bushes or trees 
  • Clean driveways and paths 
  • Remove cobwebs and weeds in the guttering 
  • Ensure the paths and driveway is clear  

Simply adding a row of potted flowers to your front yard brings light and colour to the property and makes the property feel more like a home that the buyer can envision themselves in. Make sure your homes’ exterior looks as beautiful as the inside curb appeal is important, and you want to maximise this to attract potential buyers. 


Be prepared to invest a little bit of your time into ensuring that your property is clean and fresh. To ensure the best possible first impression; dust benches and furniture, polish appliances and tap wear, vacuum and steam clean carpets, steam and clean the grout of your flooring. Pull back the curtains, clean the windows and let the light in.  Your buyers will be drawn to a bright, fresh feel.

Freshen Up
While brightly coloured walls may be appealing to you, they do not appeal to everyone. Having neutral coloured walls will appeal to a wider range of buyers and allows potential buyers to imagine what they could do with the space without any restrictions. A fresh coat of paint also adds to the feel of fresh and cleanliness that buyers desire.  

Quick Tips: 

  • Repair cracks or holes in walls 
  • Replace any globes that aren’t working and replace with warm tone globes 
  • Remove broken fly screens 
  • Replace any mouldy seals in the kitchen or bathroom

Depersonalise and Declutter

Every person who walks through your door will have a different opinion and preference for décor, so our best advice is to keep it simple. You don’t want to detract from your homes’ gorgeous features, so if you’re not using it, store it. Take down your personal touches and photos, its time for the buyer to envisage their life and family in this home. Remove personal items from bathrooms and all the decorations from the fridge.  

Its also important for your buyers to see clever use of space. Maximize every inch of your asset. You want your rooms to feel open and inviting, if the room feels cramped it will look smaller than it is. Take away an armchair or glass cabinets that are not needed as this will make a big difference.

keekï’s in-house stylists are experts and know what will help you achieve the best result and we can ensure your property creates an emotional connection for your buyers. From styling an empty home, through to adding elements to an existing property furnishing your property with on-trend furniture and homewares will deliver results. Along with our full property styling service, keekï Property Styling also offers Pre-sale Consultations that are best suited for if you need advice on presenting your property to market. This service would help you if you have lived in your property for many years and need that extra advice on how to maximize your sale price and present your home in the best possible light for photos and open inspections. keekï consultations gives you a starting point and a clear plan on what you can do yourself to prepare your property for sale. This service involves walking through your property room by room and giving you the confidence to prepare for the sale.  

A 1-hour consultation fee is $150.00 and if you would like further assistance to pull it together, we offer flexible, hands on Styling Services charged at an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour, giving you the flexibility to decide how much or how little assistance you require. 

Transform your properties into a beautiful, marketable homes ready for sale, rent or display. Book your consultation today 

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