Marble Represents Luxury & Glamour

Marble happens to be one of the most interesting and versatile stones. Its impressive classical look and timeless feel ensures it will never go out of style.

Keekï has a number of bespoke marble pieces, providing that elegant, sophisticated, and unique statement piece in your home. Marble has been used in some of the world’s most lavish and awe-inspiring architectural designs.

Marble colour varies, with whites, greys, beiges, and browns being the most common colours of marble available in Australia today. Keekï has the entire range available for you to view, touch and feel in our beautiful showroom.


Placing marble lamps on either side
of your bed will instantly add symmetry
and create a finished, polished look

Get The Look: Bourke Desk Lamp – $184.99


Add a layer of dimension to your
dresser by placing all your knick
knacks on a marble tray.

Get The Look: Marmo Square Tray – $69.99


The Cartier Dining Table has a modern,
elegant charm, making it a visually-appealing
centrepiece for your room.

Get The Look: Cartier Dining table – $3,599


Our Enzo Coffee Table makes drinking coffee
a stylish affair. The marble based top creates
cool, calm and collected vibes in your space.

Get The Look: Enzo Marble Coffee Table – $1,249