keekï loves – Styling Tips

keekï loves – Styling Tips

Every property is a unique and individual design, styled to elevate its appeal. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, or colour palettes, these elements create the atmosphere, complement the architecture, reflect the style of the home and reference the location and lifestyle.

keekï’s Interior Decorators can assist you with your home. The purpose of a stylist is to curate a bespoke look that will create this visualisation through a design approach that complements the home.

Styling Tips:
Group items on a tray as they make any arrangement of items look cohesive. Stick to odd numbers for balance.

You can use a variety of materials such as concrete, metal, and marble. Mix heights and sizes for

A burning candle will add warmth and romance.


According to the rules of styling, items arranged in odd numbers are more appealing to the eye, so consider injecting colour by styling with three vases and use a trick of adding greenery to one.



Coffee Table

The coffee table is a central piece in any living area, so it’s a great idea to style it in an appealing, but uncontrived way. Focus on size and stick to the motto: less is more. A vignette may include large hardcover books (architectural or travel related), magazines, and a favourite candle.



A rug really anchors the space and creates distinct zones. Regardless of your style the main rule is to be generous with the size and scale according to the room. Create an interesting and stylish layer, consider commercial grade rugs. Add colour and texture with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.



Lighting should create a soft ambience in the living area. Avoid task lighting and focus more on layered lighting. Ideally, lamps should be placed either next to, between or behind sofas. A statement floor lamp can make a strong impact in a contemporary interior, so consider an industrial style that has presence.