Creating the perfect home office

Ideally having a designated room for a study is beneficial in order to create the perfect office space.  However not all of us have this space available, so think outside the box a little. Consider an unused nook in your home, perhaps under the stairs, a bedroom or a window with a view in your home is the perfect spot for a desk.  During these unprecedented times many of us are having to come up with a space to work or study from home. Once you have identified a space, these are some things to consider to make it a little easier and more enjoyable for you.


Consider the size of the space you have chosen, even if it is an existing study or office set up. It’s not ideal to put a large desk with too much clutter in a small room or space. This can create anxiety and potentially make you unable to think clearly. Conversely a small desk floating in a large space can make it feel impersonal and lonely. Remember the aim is for you to actually want to work in this space. If the space allows a separate corner, a comfortable armchair and side table is perfect to break up your time sitting at the desk. See this as a space to break away to review papers or make a phone call. Don’t forget the all important desk chair too. In this instance you need to go for comfort, however there are some beautiful and comfortable options available other than the usual desk chair on wheels.  Look for a Carver chair with arms for example. Always make sure your chosen chair is ergonomically suitable to your desk.


Let’s talk storage! In order to stay focused and work efficiently, storage and organisation is crucial. If your desk has drawers – great, but if not invest in baskets or trays to keep your work organised. A bookshelf with storage solutions is a good idea too, or floating wall shelves.


So how do we place the desk, storage and potential armchair? If you have a room designated as a study it is important not to have everything squashed up against one wall. Centre your desk on one wall, or if the space allows, float it in the middle a short distance from the wall so that you will be looking out rather than staring at a wall. Storage can be placed on another wall and then the armchair and side table ideally in a corner near a window. A nice space to think and take time out.

If you are creating an office space in a bedroom or another living space, the desk can still be centered on the available wall or in front of a window with a view.


If your study space doesn’t have an abundance of natural light, invest in a good desk lamp and consider the globe you have in both the lamp and ceiling light. You want to ensure they omit bright white light, rather than warm dim light.  This way you will be stimulated to work or study.


Depending on your time and budget you can make your study an extension of you and your personal style, or perhaps even a flow on from the chosen colour palettes and theme in the remainder of your home. The more personal you make it, the more likely you are to be motivated and therefore productive with work or study.

Art is a great way to bring your study to life and give it some personality.  Choosing art comes down to personal taste and/or you can choose art for your study space to suit the style of your overall home or the other colours in the room.

When making the decision on the artwork remember that bright colours will bring you energy, and pale and cool colours will give a feeling of calm. So it is entirely up to you how you work best. Overall though, art chosen for a study should be a piece that inspires you.

Once the artwork is chosen you can have fun choosing a few décor items to bring the study to life. Suggestions are desk or table lamps, ornamental pieces, or a vase or pot with foliage. Again, making your study space more inviting and complete!

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