Are You Ready For A Change?

Fresh vibes

Are you ready for a new change? A new chapter? With everything we experienced last year, we certainly are, and with a few tips this year is the perfect time to freshen up your spaces!

Paying attention to details of materials you are furnishing your house with will keep your spaces fresh and airy. Bright whites and neutrals are a perfect pallet for the warmer seasons, however, never shy away from injecting pops of colour. The trends for this season are rich hues in terracotta and mustard.

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining is always a treat that we all love and there are some easy things to consider to make the most of your space. Your main pieces are of course the furniture you select, so be sure to do your research on the right piece for your area. Outdoor furniture is made from a number of materials, some of those will last longer under cover, as opposed to those that are suitable to be exposed to the elements. Consider your current alfresco set up, if you already have outdoor furniture remember to give it a good clean, give covers a dust or wash as per care instructions. The finishing touches are of course outdoor lanterns to set the scene with mood lighting when entertaining outside at night. Gorgeous lush potted plants, and if the space allows, an outdoor rug will bring the space together.

Bedroom Trend

Soft airy spaces are a continuing trend in 2021 and when it comes to styling your bedroom, keep it soft, cosy, and adaptable to the climate.

Consider beautiful textures to create a bedroom that feels like a welcoming space. Choosing bed linen that is of a more breathable variety such as linen and bamboo will improve the quality of your rest. The bonus is that these fibres naturally have a light and fresh look to them, so they’re not only practical, but look perfect too!

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