Styling A Dining Table

Many great memories are made around the dining room table. And they’re made even better if your dining room design is inviting, comfortable, and functional.

Accessories are a low commitment way to finish off any room and put your unique stamp on it.  It’s a great time to experiment, have fun, and show your personality. And the accessories will give your room a finished feel.

Here are some tips to assist you in helping the room feel pulled together:


Collection of Urns or Vases

These makes a gorgeous centerpiece, especially when stacked on top of books, in a tray or acrylic risers. Or adding a trio of ceramic vessels in different shapes or sizes is a beautiful and simple way of styling your dining table. Add a pop of greenery in one for added interest.


Floral or Greenery

While we love the idea of always having a fresh flower arrangement on your dining table, that’s not a very realistic goal. A vase, or two, or three, filled with beautiful faux blooms or green leafy branches will bring colour and life to your dining space.


Dining Vignette

For those a little more confident with styling or wanting to challenge themselves, why not create a stylish dining vignette like this using some books, vases and candles. Or even a cutting board or tray as a base and then find items that relate to the dining space such as trivets, coasters or salt and pepper grinders to create a stylish arrangement.



Selecting The Perfect Rug Size

Living room

To unify the furniture in the room, get an area rug large enough to place all the furniture on top of the rug. This will draw attention to the center of the room. To show off the rug as a focal point, keep furniture off the rug and instead use it to frame the rug.

Dining room 

Dining room rugs deaden the sound of scraping chairs and protect the floor from scratching. They should be big enough for the chair legs to sit comfortably on, even when they are pulled out, to minimize the chance of tripping over the edge of the rug.
Allow at least 46 –60 cm of extra room on all sides of the dining table so chairs will remain on the rug when pulled out.


Bedroom rugs are great if you want to warm up or soften hard flooring or if you simply want to add colour and pattern to the space. There are two main techniques for rug placement in bedrooms. Either use one large rug underneath the entire bed with about 60cm excess on each side, or add one main rug at the end of the bed.


Marble Represents Luxury & Glamour

Marble happens to be one of the most interesting and versatile stones. Its impressive classical look and timeless feel ensures it will never go out of style.

Keekï has a number of bespoke marble pieces, providing that elegant, sophisticated, and unique statement piece in your home. Marble has been used in some of the world’s most lavish and awe-inspiring architectural designs.

Marble colour varies, with whites, greys, beiges, and browns being the most common colours of marble available in Australia today. Keekï has the entire range available for you to view, touch and feel in our beautiful showroom.


Placing marble lamps on either side
of your bed will instantly add symmetry
and create a finished, polished look

Get The Look: Bourke Desk Lamp – $184.99


Add a layer of dimension to your
dresser by placing all your knick
knacks on a marble tray.

Get The Look: Marmo Square Tray – $69.99


The Cartier Dining Table has a modern,
elegant charm, making it a visually-appealing
centrepiece for your room.

Get The Look: Cartier Dining table – $3,599


Our Enzo Coffee Table makes drinking coffee
a stylish affair. The marble based top creates
cool, calm and collected vibes in your space.

Get The Look: Enzo Marble Coffee Table – $1,249 


What is special about keekï?

What is special about keekï?

Our aim is to provide our customers with a number of different services, no matter what stage you are at. Whether you need to purchase a few unique products to complete your home, or a complete interior decorating consultation for your home, we’re here to help you create a beautiful space that truly feels like home.

As a small Melbourne family business, we want to make your home a special and tranquil space to relax and retreat. We can also assist in styling your property for sale, with our qualified stylists and knowledge of the real estate industry.

Showroom & Online Shop

Our impeccably-styled room settings showcases the latest trends, plus our online shop features over 4,000 products for easy, convenient shopping.

Interior Decorating

Offering our customers a professional and personalized service with a range of options to suit both your style and your budget.

Property Styling

Our unique service has been designed to maximize the appeal of our customers’ properties, to drive up the sale price. A well presented home gives buyers the impression that the home is loved and well maintained. 



keekï loves – Styling Tips

keekï loves – Styling Tips

Every property is a unique and individual design, styled to elevate its appeal. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, or colour palettes, these elements create the atmosphere, complement the architecture, reflect the style of the home and reference the location and lifestyle.

keekï’s Interior Decorators can assist you with your home. The purpose of a stylist is to curate a bespoke look that will create this visualisation through a design approach that complements the home.

Styling Tips:
Group items on a tray as they make any arrangement of items look cohesive. Stick to odd numbers for balance.

You can use a variety of materials such as concrete, metal, and marble. Mix heights and sizes for

A burning candle will add warmth and romance.


According to the rules of styling, items arranged in odd numbers are more appealing to the eye, so consider injecting colour by styling with three vases and use a trick of adding greenery to one.



Coffee Table

The coffee table is a central piece in any living area, so it’s a great idea to style it in an appealing, but uncontrived way. Focus on size and stick to the motto: less is more. A vignette may include large hardcover books (architectural or travel related), magazines, and a favourite candle.



A rug really anchors the space and creates distinct zones. Regardless of your style the main rule is to be generous with the size and scale according to the room. Create an interesting and stylish layer, consider commercial grade rugs. Add colour and texture with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.



Lighting should create a soft ambience in the living area. Avoid task lighting and focus more on layered lighting. Ideally, lamps should be placed either next to, between or behind sofas. A statement floor lamp can make a strong impact in a contemporary interior, so consider an industrial style that has presence.

First impression count, let keekï property styling do the thinking for you!

Get the edge in the property market!
Better presented properties look better online, on video and in print

keekï property styling understands that presentation is paramount when it comes to selling a home. Drawing from years of experience in the world of interiors, our styling team knows how to draw out the best a property has to offer.

A professional consultation with our property stylist provides an assessment and suggestions to style your vendors’ home ready for sale.

We think of the finer details that will engage potential buyers and leave a lasting impression, highlighting the features of the property.

Package Options:

From a 1 bedroom apartment to a large home, our packages offer flexibility to suit any budget.

Other Services:

  • Full home styling
  • Partial home styling
  • Decluttering service

Let keekï property styling do the thinking for your vendors! We can let them know what needs to be done, and style the property to achieve maximum sale price in the shortest time.

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3 Ways To Decorate For Spring


Spring is here! Freshen up your home decor with these top 3 spring decorating trends. We welcome this season with new ideas to find a home design that inspires your next home decorating project.

Beautiful Florals

Nothing feels more like spring than floral patterns. Give a neutral room a fresh update with a mix of floral patterned accessories. Mix and match the colours and patterns to create an eclectic look. Add a mirror or rug with a garden trellis design. Then accessorize with a tea tray and flowers arranged in pitchers in the center of your bedroom.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest


Go Organic

Create an organic-inspired interior with natural finishes. Combine light coloured woods with earth-tone stone textures on the walls and floors. Add natural wood furnishings and upholstery in linen and cotton made with environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural latex foam. Then, add sculptural details with lighting, accessories, and plants with organic shapes.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest


Go Glam with Everyday Opulence

This isn’t about creating a formal, ‘good room’ that is only used on special occasions. Rather, it’s about injecting some glamour, luxury and sophistication into our everyday lives.
This means that you get to weave high end pieces into your interior scheme and start to create some real ‘Wow’ moments at home. Everyday opulence is all about making a statement.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest

Keekï loves – inspired by our exquisite bespoke designs



Milana Dining Table

Stunning bespoke marble dining table in snow white contrasts elegantly with the black pedestal base. Exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Indy Dining Chair

Regency 4 Drawer Dresser

Metro Candleholder – Chrome

Glass Vase – Antique Silver

Peony Bouquet – Pink

Oyster Mercury Table Lamp