3 Ways To Decorate For Spring


Spring is here! Freshen up your home decor with these top 3 spring decorating trends. We welcome this season with new ideas to find a home design that inspires your next home decorating project.

Beautiful Florals

Nothing feels more like spring than floral patterns. Give a neutral room a fresh update with a mix of floral patterned accessories. Mix and match the colours and patterns to create an eclectic look. Add a mirror or rug with a garden trellis design. Then accessorize with a tea tray and flowers arranged in pitchers in the center of your bedroom.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest


Go Organic

Create an organic-inspired interior with natural finishes. Combine light coloured woods with earth-tone stone textures on the walls and floors. Add natural wood furnishings and upholstery in linen and cotton made with environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural latex foam. Then, add sculptural details with lighting, accessories, and plants with organic shapes.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest


Go Glam with Everyday Opulence

This isn’t about creating a formal, ‘good room’ that is only used on special occasions. Rather, it’s about injecting some glamour, luxury and sophistication into our everyday lives.
This means that you get to weave high end pieces into your interior scheme and start to create some real ‘Wow’ moments at home. Everyday opulence is all about making a statement.

Tempest Loop Tray Large – Rose Gold

Roes & Queen Anne Lace Bouquet

Nordic Rug 300cm – Driftwood

Julya Venetian Mirror Crest

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Milana Dining Table

Stunning bespoke marble dining table in snow white contrasts elegantly with the black pedestal base. Exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Indy Dining Chair

Regency 4 Drawer Dresser

Metro Candleholder – Chrome

Glass Vase – Antique Silver

Peony Bouquet – Pink

Oyster Mercury Table Lamp


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Spring Outdoor Entertaining


It’s Spring Time
Spring outdoor entertaining – Now that spring has officially sprung, there are so many things to look forward to that accompany the warmer weather and flowering blossoms on the trees. One of our favourites is outdoor entertaining!

Create an interesting table by layering items in coordinating colours. Don’t be afraid to layer plates and table linens. Don’t over do it though. Keekï’s rule of thumb would be no more than three layers of linens and three layers of plates.

Try serving big dishes of table-bound goodies ‘family style’, for a self-serve al-fresco day or evening filled with love.

Keep it cool
Throwing together a drink station with infused water options is a great way to add an easy dose of fancy to your day or evening – and keeps guests hydrated. Some of our top picks? Lemon herb, strawberry basil, and blackberry sage. Our ice buckets are always an entertaining essential, make sure yours stands out by placing it on a super-bright side table, to create a drink station that is bound to catch your guests’ eye.

Use a Tray
There are so many beautiful trays available at keekï, we just love using a tray as the base of a centrepiece, add a floral arrangement or group similar objects like vases, bottles or bowls together. By using a tray at the centre of the table, you are creating a focal point and it makes your flowers or grouping of items seem more substantial.

To personalise your table, add in something besides the food that you made yourself. Try making some napkin rings out of ribbon or hand write out some cute name cards for guests. This will personalise your table and make guests feel like they are in an inviting cosy home.

Decluttering Service


Decluttering in its simplest form is getting rid of what is not needed in a space and can be one of the most effective steps in the pre-sale process.
The biggest reason people give for moving house is lack of space in their current house, a they feel like they have outgrown the space. Therefore, they are looking for a home that gives them that space, and more to grow into.

keekï hire offers a decluttering service, providing you with the ideal solution to create a peaceful, harmonious and in orderly home.  Let us help you take back control of the space in your home, clearing things that you dread and removing your frustrations before you sell your house.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and when potential buyers walk up to your home, you’ve got less than a minute to impress them. How your home looks will set the tone of a buyers’ price range.

Create a beautiful home for sale


Selling property is a competitive business; it has become even more competitive since the internet became the main way buyers search for a property. The new kerb appeal and presentation can make the difference between an inspection or not. Therefore, we need to ensure that the property is irresistible to a purchaser, because if a purchaser really loves a property, they will stretch themselves a little further to make sure they are successful in buying it.

Creating a beautiful home for sale is a key component to achieving that price you desire most.  Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in the property – you want them to create an emotional connection that results in a sale. It is much harder for them to connect with a property when your personal effects are still within the home. A property should still feel like a home, but clear and clean is the objective – the key is balance.  Employing a property stylist can help you reach this objective and prepare your property for sale.

The sale of your home is a very big production. It requires the talents of numerous people to help achieve that maximum price for your property. Property stylists provide such services and should be your first call after talking to your real estate agent. They will help you set the stage for what is probably the biggest business deal you’ve ever entered into.

keekï hire understands the importance of creating a visually appealing home that is clean, uncluttered and beautifully presented. They can provide simple and cost effective recommendations to refine spaces, as well as improve the overall look and feel of your property. With proven strategies, they can make your property as appealing as possible to your potential buyers. Simply by adding furnishings and décor that matches the tastes of the buyers and complements the style of your property, they can flatter its architecture in hopes of attracting more buyers.

A beautifully styled home creates fabulous photos for the internet and marketing campaigns, creating more buyer interest, more inspections and in turn more offers and quicker sales. Statistically, houses that are styled by a professional sell 30-50% faster and for a 7–17% higher price than non-styled properties in a similar market. Property styling is an investment that pays off almost immediately. keekï hire has direct access to a carefully curated collection of home furnishings, art, and décor that can be used in the transformation of your home.

When you’re ready to begin your real estate adventure, call keekï hire and let us help you achieve your goal. We have been successfully styling properties in Melbourne for a number of years and have a reputation for perfection.

Contact Keeki Hire for details:
Tel: 03 9791 5200
Email: hire@keeki.com.au

Mood Lighting In Your Bedroom

Moodlighting Image

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom with some fabulous lights. To enhance the feel of relaxation in your room, add either warm white or yellow lights. The brighter white lights are more suitable in a home office or the laundry, sometimes also known as task lighting.

Pendant lights are available in a number of sizes, styles and pricing – keekï is bound to have something that will suit your requirements. It’s very important to consider a number of things when choosing a pendant light. Keekï recommends you consider the ‘drop’ where it will be positioned. Is it too high and doesn’t provide enough light for the room it is in? Or is too low and is there a risk that somebody might bump into it? Also, don’t forget about the globe, as there are a number of different options you can choose from.

If pendants aren’t the answer to adding mood lighting to your bedroom, lamps are also another terrific way to create that relaxing atmosphere. Using a more opaque shade will allow diffused light to filter through and create a softer glow. Tip: Try to ensure that the size of the lamp shade doesn’t exceed the base of the table.


Rug Buyers Guide

Top 5 Tips for Buying A Rug

rug31. cow hide rug – star metallic silver $1169 // 2. montage giraffe rug – black & white $699 // 3. cow hide rug – chocolate $1699 //
4. montage linea rug – silver grey $699 //5. adorn jute rug $299.95 // 6. braid diamond rug – mustard $469 //

1. Defining The Space

A rug can be the perfect element to define separate zones in a home.

2. Consistency

Decide how your furniture will sit on the rug and keep it consistent. Where possible try to at least have the front on your furniture on the rug. This will anchor it into position.

3. Lifestyle

For a rug that’s going to last, make sure it works with your lifestyle. A wool rug, or synthetic blend or seagrass is perfect for a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or family room, or if you have young children or pets. Remember also, to rotate your rug roughly every 3-6 months to balance colour and evenly distribute wear.

4. Colour and Texture

Consider the colour of the existing floor and furnishings and how they all look together. If your lounge and accessories are quiet neutral, a bold pattern or colour in your rug can really lift the whole room. If your room is already busy with pattern and colour, a block-coloured rug may work best.

5. Size Matters

A rug needs to be scaled to fit in with the rest of your room. A small rug in front of a large sofa will look ‘wanting’. As a rule, it’s best to be generous and treat a rug as an anchor point for a room. THE BIGGER THE BETTER.

Escape the Christmas madness with a cosy relaxed home

We know, we know… Summer is almost here, but who doesn’t want to create a cozy nest at home to escape all the Christmas madness. This wonderful image shows off a beautiful moody interior that will give you the right dose of sophistication.

If you are anything like me, creating the right home environment is the only thing that gets me through the day. Candles, music, coffee and a relaxed cozy space is perfect for a cool living room or sultry bedroom. The use of black, dark grey and other deep tones can bring intimacy to any room and inspire you to shift to this look.

Try these easy tips to create this look in your home.

coop equation delphinium elements haydon electric hammond ottawa limmerick tribeca cashmere tribeca

1. Look for the perfect sofa.
Often a sofa that looks good is not comfortable. Ideally, the perfect sofa is a balance between the two. Find a sofa, like the maku, that looks good but is also ideal for curling up in after a long day at work or a busy with the kids. A sofa that ticks the box of comfort and look, is your base for creating the perfect cozy room.

2. Eclectic pieces
Photos, art, throw rugs, cushions, and quirky ceramics can bring different patterns into a room, which all lends much to a moody cozy vibe. When considering things together, think less about what “matches” and more about what “goes”. Mixing dissimilar pieces creates visual texture, which will make any space more inviting and more cozy.

3. It’s all about the touch and feel.
The way you feel in a room is all about the tactile objects and the things that feel and smell good in a space. Fur throws, cable knit blankets, soy candles, any items that look comfortable and give you the desire to stay in a room, will evoke the right mood for the space. Items with lots of texture and are interesting to touch and hold will all warmth to a room and give you a cozy, moody décor.

4. Bring life to the space.
Every colour has a ‘mood’ and while the base colours of dark grey, black and deep tones will set the tone of the room, it is important to make sure that the room is not gloomy. The way to prevent this, is with the subtle use of colour in the space. In this example, the flowers bring just enough life and colour to the space to stop it feeling too staged or sterile. You could also use artwork or soft throws to create the same feel.

Now Trending – Blush & Indigo

1. gradiant square cushion – blue $54.99 // 2. harper cushion – blush $64.99 // 3. diamonds rectangle cushion – coral 49.99 //
4. camille brushed throw 125x150cm – blue $90.99 //5. fredrika framed painting $699 // 6. atlantica canister 12cm – cobalt $16.99 //
7. aria jars (individual) – copper from $19.99 // 8. facet vase 23cm – dark blue $24.99 // 9. aesop vase 11x15cm – dusty pink $24.95 //
10. matt canister small – pink $13.99 //11. hermes morrocan squat ginger jar $49.99 //

This season, we’re moving away from generic palettes, to introduce velvety, dreamlike tones with a blend of the masculine and feminine. The mix of indigo and blush is a beautiful way you can introduce spring into your home and revamp your space.
Blush is a popular colour trend that works well with greys and blond timbers and our ongoing love affair with metallics. By incorporating pops of indigo blue, you will give this beautiful soft colour a sense of sophistication. The deep natural hues of indigo become extra vibrant against the warm earth blush tones.

You can embrace this look by painting a wall, or try out the trend by adding cushions and décor pieces to your space. Then complete the look with accents of copper. The illumination of the copper adds a new textural element and a distinct finesse.

Tips for Using Colour

tip 11

Decorating a space with colour is as easy as 60-30-10.  So when designing a room, divide your room colours into percentages:

60% of a dominant colour – say your wall colour
30% of a secondary colour – which provides the visual interest, like the colour of your furniture
10% of an accent colour – these are the elements you add to lift the space, like adding jewellery to an outfit.

60% – Taupe/ Greys
30% – Blues
10% – Metal Finishes

tip 1

We all associate colour with what they make you feel.  Colour can change your mood and by understanding how colours make you feel, you can decide what emotional impact you want a room to have.  If you are creating a restful bedroom, the use of greens can be calming and is believed to relieve stress.  A tropical décor in the living room makes your home seem fun and vibrant.  Or, to encourage relaxation in social areas like the family room, consider softer shades of blue mixed in with warm hues for the furnishings and fabrics.

tip 111

Trying to decide on the right colour scheme for a room, is made easier by choosing two opposite colours on the colour wheel. Complementary colours that are directly opposite from one another on the colour wheel, such as red and green, or blue and orange, provide a clear separation of colour and are often used in more formal areas of the home like the living room or dining rooms.

tip 1112

Depending on the room, you can opt for analogous colours. Analogous colours are situated next to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue and violet, or yellow and green. This colour combination creates a casual feel, and is often used in family rooms and bedrooms to create a place of rest and recovery from the day.

tip 13

Colour techniques can fool the eye to make interiors seem bigger and more spacious or smaller and cosier.  A good rule to remember is that cool colours appear to recede, which makes a space seem bigger, whereas warm colours seem to come towards you, which will make a large room feel cosier.