Decluttering Service


Decluttering in its simplest form is getting rid of what is not needed in a space and can be one of the most effective steps in the pre-sale process.
The biggest reason people give for moving house is lack of space in their current house, a they feel like they have outgrown the space. Therefore, they are looking for a home that gives them that space, and more to grow into.

keekï hire offers a decluttering service, providing you with the ideal solution to create a peaceful, harmonious and in orderly home.  Let us help you take back control of the space in your home, clearing things that you dread and removing your frustrations before you sell your house.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and when potential buyers walk up to your home, you’ve got less than a minute to impress them. How your home looks will set the tone of a buyers’ price range.