Mood Lighting In Your Bedroom

Moodlighting Image

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom with some fabulous lights. To enhance the feel of relaxation in your room, add either warm white or yellow lights. The brighter white lights are more suitable in a home office or the laundry, sometimes also known as task lighting.

Pendant lights are available in a number of sizes, styles and pricing – keekï is bound to have something that will suit your requirements. It’s very important to consider a number of things when choosing a pendant light. Keekï recommends you consider the ‘drop’ where it will be positioned. Is it too high and doesn’t provide enough light for the room it is in? Or is too low and is there a risk that somebody might bump into it? Also, don’t forget about the globe, as there are a number of different options you can choose from.

If pendants aren’t the answer to adding mood lighting to your bedroom, lamps are also another terrific way to create that relaxing atmosphere. Using a more opaque shade will allow diffused light to filter through and create a softer glow. Tip: Try to ensure that the size of the lamp shade doesn’t exceed the base of the table.