Rug Buyers Guide

Top 5 Tips for Buying A Rug

rug31. cow hide rug – star metallic silver $1169 // 2. montage giraffe rug – black & white $699 // 3. cow hide rug – chocolate $1699 //
4. montage linea rug – silver grey $699 //5. adorn jute rug $299.95 // 6. braid diamond rug – mustard $469 //

1. Defining The Space

A rug can be the perfect element to define separate zones in a home.

2. Consistency

Decide how your furniture will sit on the rug and keep it consistent. Where possible try to at least have the front on your furniture on the rug. This will anchor it into position.

3. Lifestyle

For a rug that’s going to last, make sure it works with your lifestyle. A wool rug, or synthetic blend or seagrass is perfect for a high-traffic area, such as a hallway or family room, or if you have young children or pets. Remember also, to rotate your rug roughly every 3-6 months to balance colour and evenly distribute wear.

4. Colour and Texture

Consider the colour of the existing floor and furnishings and how they all look together. If your lounge and accessories are quiet neutral, a bold pattern or colour in your rug can really lift the whole room. If your room is already busy with pattern and colour, a block-coloured rug may work best.

5. Size Matters

A rug needs to be scaled to fit in with the rest of your room. A small rug in front of a large sofa will look ‘wanting’. As a rule, it’s best to be generous and treat a rug as an anchor point for a room. THE BIGGER THE BETTER.