Escape the Christmas madness with a cosy relaxed home

We know, we know… Summer is almost here, but who doesn’t want to create a cozy nest at home to escape all the Christmas madness. This wonderful image shows off a beautiful moody interior that will give you the right dose of sophistication.

If you are anything like me, creating the right home environment is the only thing that gets me through the day. Candles, music, coffee and a relaxed cozy space is perfect for a cool living room or sultry bedroom. The use of black, dark grey and other deep tones can bring intimacy to any room and inspire you to shift to this look.

Try these easy tips to create this look in your home.

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1. Look for the perfect sofa.
Often a sofa that looks good is not comfortable. Ideally, the perfect sofa is a balance between the two. Find a sofa, like the maku, that looks good but is also ideal for curling up in after a long day at work or a busy with the kids. A sofa that ticks the box of comfort and look, is your base for creating the perfect cozy room.

2. Eclectic pieces
Photos, art, throw rugs, cushions, and quirky ceramics can bring different patterns into a room, which all lends much to a moody cozy vibe. When considering things together, think less about what “matches” and more about what “goes”. Mixing dissimilar pieces creates visual texture, which will make any space more inviting and more cozy.

3. It’s all about the touch and feel.
The way you feel in a room is all about the tactile objects and the things that feel and smell good in a space. Fur throws, cable knit blankets, soy candles, any items that look comfortable and give you the desire to stay in a room, will evoke the right mood for the space. Items with lots of texture and are interesting to touch and hold will all warmth to a room and give you a cozy, moody décor.

4. Bring life to the space.
Every colour has a ‘mood’ and while the base colours of dark grey, black and deep tones will set the tone of the room, it is important to make sure that the room is not gloomy. The way to prevent this, is with the subtle use of colour in the space. In this example, the flowers bring just enough life and colour to the space to stop it feeling too staged or sterile. You could also use artwork or soft throws to create the same feel.